Yasushi Koyama is a Japanese artist, living and working in Helsinki, Finland. He creates animal sculptures from wood and ceramics. Koyama´s expressive figures are described “cute, innocent and humorous”. Finnish design & illustration, Finnish artists Katja Tukiainen & Kim Simonsson, and Finnish cartoon Moomin have inspired him. Similarly, the Japanese Manga, Anime, Yoshitomo Nara´s Neo-pop art and traditional wood sculptures have also strongly influenced on his artistic language. Koyama`s public art of large animal wood sculptures are able to touch and hug to give happiness, participation and social inclusion.

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(FI) : Söpöily Sallittu -Keskisuomalainen -

(FI) : Yasushi Koyama on söpöyden asiantuntija -HS- 

(EN) : Yasushi Koyama : Cuteness and nature in Finnish and Japanese aesthetics 

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(EN, JP) : yasushikoyama.com

(FI, EN) : Finnish Artist Association

(FI, EN) : Finnish Designer´s Associaiton